Solving Sketch Cloud’s sync issue

The issue

I’m currently leading the development of a Design System for my company, since it’s not a one-man project, we use Abstract to version control and allow for multi-collaboration. For distribution, we publish it to the Sketch Cloud and share it with everyone in the company.

The solution

This might be a lesser known fact, but Sketch files are actually bunch of JSON files combined. Since Sketch 43, you can actually unzip a Sketch file to reveal all the JSON files that made it.

Step 1: Download the file from Sketch Cloud

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded Sketch file

Step 3: Copy the “user.json” file

Step 4: Unzip your Sketch file

Repeat Step 2 but on the Sketch file that you’d like to link back to Sketch Cloud.

Step 5: Replace the “user.json” file

Step 6: Zip your file and convert back to Sketch file



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Sam Shi Jer

Sam Shi Jer

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